A Rolling Stone gathers no moss.

Rolling Stones.

12 years to this day, Keith Richards was released from hospital in New Zealand after the 63 year-old suffered "mild concussion" when he fell out of a coconut tree while on holiday in Fiji. He was airlifted to Auckland's Ascot Hospital for observation, where he underwent a brain scan.

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The most important rotation

The Lathe.

When you have access to the manufacturing procedure of your company’s products you are among the lucky people that can enter the premises where dark green and grey machines stand, heavy and repetitive thuds fill the space, the metal work stands its ground. 

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From the perception to the successful 'disegno'


When we are talking about design, our words focus most of the times to the action of creation. Depicting an idea that we have been thinking about. To design is not a momentary action that can either take place or not, but the perception that leads to a contemporary design involves a constant wondering of what it could be in front of us in a specific moment in time.

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Good Things Coming Together

Cover Abbey Road.

Continuing our UK inspired articles, a Sunday visit to the beautiful city of Canterbury brought to my mind the word abbey… Inspired by this, I will try to write a few words about perhaps the greatest album released by the Beatles, Abbey Road.

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We are live!

violek Brochure.

Our new brochure is ready and the word of some new products coming is already going around!

Soon you will be able to download the brochure from our website as well as find it in selected retail showrooms that shared the VIOLEK spirit from the start.

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